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Court-Ordered Drug Rehab

Have You Been Ordered to Complete a Drug Rehab Program?

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court-ordered drug rehabBy some estimates as many as 60% or more of people attending drug rehab programs have legal problems as a result of their drug and alcohol use. Many of these clients have been court-ordered to complete a rehabilitation program, some are also going as a proactive decision to clean up their lives and potentially reduce their charges or sentencing.

Although the drug treatment centers and laws can vary from state to state and even district to district, the good news for those who need help is that more judges are realizing that their is a greater chance of a person becoming a responsible and productive member of society again by going to a successful rehab program than they are going to jail.

Contact us today by calling 1-800-475-4553 or fill out the form below to find out what you need to know when researching drug rehab programs for someone who has been ordered by the court.


Who Pays for a Court-Ordered Drug Rehab?

Finding a program on your own is much more successful than waiting for the state

courtroomMany people think that if they are court-ordered to complete a drug rehab program, that the system will pay for it. This may be true, but it often means that the person is kept in jail until a bed opens up at one of only a few of their own facilities. Often times these programs may not offer much in terms of success either.

We recommend and can help you find long-term rehab programs that are successful. In most cases, if you find a program on your own and present it to the judge then he or she will agree, simply because it means less work and money from their system. This means creating the ability going to a private, non-profit program that you choose and pay for. It also demonstrates more of a willingness to work with the court order instead of expecting them to do it all when it comes to finding a drug rehab program.

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